Swimming pool rules

Safety and comfort are our main priorities, so please take note of the following:




• All swimming is at your own risk.
• Show respect to other swimmers.
• Everyone who uses the pool must comply with lifeguard directions.
• It is forbidden to use cameras and mobile phones in the pool, shower and dressing area.
• Prevent theft by locking your belongings.
• Wardrobe cabinets are not for personal storage. Padlocks are cut every night.




• Have a thorough wash using soap without bathing suit before entering the pool.
 • Shaving, pedicures, gum, glass bottles, diving masks made of glass, food etc is all prohibited in the swimming facility.
 • Use of shoes is prohibited in the pool area. Flip-flops/slippers are allowed until marked areas are reached.





• Elastic bands or swimming caps are to be used for long hair.
 • It is forbidden to wear boxers under bathing shorts.
 • Do not run in the shower or pool area.
 • Diving takes place when there is no risk to others and just in from the deep part.
 • Diving boards 1m and 3m are open during “fristuping” on Tuesdays and Sundays.
 • Jumping and diving from the shallow side of the pool is prohibited.


 • Shower before using the sauna and use of towel in a sauna is mandatory.



 • Children under 15 are allowed in the pool when accompanied by parents.
 • Maximum three children per adult. Nappy Children should use swim diaper when swimming.



• Swimmers should be out of the wardrobes at least 15 minutes after closing.
• Lost and found items are placed inside specific baskets in the pool area.
• Valuable items are delivered in the main reception.