SiB Training uses The Poseidon Detection System in our swimming pool. Poseidon is setting the benchmark worldwide for computer aided drowning detection systems and assists lifeguards in preventing drowning in public swimming pools.

Using a network of cameras above and below the water surface and specialised software, the Poseidon system analyses the activity of all swimmers in the pool. It can alert lifeguards via an audible alarm and a visual display when a swimmer is motionless or having trouble beneath the surface in as little as 10 seconds. It also identifies the exact location of the swimmer in the pool, saving precious seconds in trying to locate the person.

Whatever type of pool you operate or swim in, we know you're concerned about safety. That you'd like the peace of mind of knowing there is constant and vigilant surveillance of the swimmers in your public pool. That potential drowning accidents are detected in seconds.

You can have that peace of mind with Poseidon, the benchmark for computer-aided drowning detection systems. Poseidon is the lifeguard's third eye that never blinks. It uses advanced computer vision technology to analyze activity in the pool, captured by a network of cameras mounted either above or below the surface of the water (if the pool is no deeper than 9 feet, only overhead cameras will be needed). Poseidon helps lifeguards monitor swimmers' trajectories, and can alert them in seconds to a swimmer in trouble.

With Poseidon in place, lifeguards have the drowning detection tool they need to increase their chances of saving a life and reduce the likelihood that a person will suffer long-term damage as a result of an incident.