Swimming pool rules

Welfare and safety are our priority, we ask you to take into account the following:


  • All bathing is at your own risk.
  • Show consideration for other bathers.
  • Everyone in the pool must comply with the lifeguard's instructions. Violation of the welfare rules or failure to follow up on requests from the lifeguard can lead to eviction from the pool area and blocking of membership.
  • The use of cameras and mobile phones in the pool, shower and changing room area is forbidden.
  • Prevent theft by locking up your belongings.

Before bathing

  • The wardrobes are not for personal storage. Locks are cut every night.
  • Take a thorough shower with soap without a swimsuit before using bathing facilities.
  • Shaving, foot care, chewing gum, glass bottles, glass diving masks, food and the like are prohibited in the swimming facility.
  • The use of outdoor footwear/shoes is prohibited in the pool area. Slippers are allowed in the marked areas.


During bathing

  • People with long hair should wear an elastic band or bathing cap.
  • Underwear under swimwear is not permitted.
  • Do not run in the shower and pool areas.
  • Diving takes place only when there is no risk to others and only in the deep end of the pool.
  • Diving boards 1m and 3m open during freestyle on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Jumps and dives from the shallow end of the pool are prohibited.


Sauna / steam bath

  • Showering before using a sauna and using a towel in a sauna are mandatory. The door to the sauna and steam bath should be closed.


Family Swimming and Water Club

  • Children under the age of 15 are allowed in the pool when accompanied by parents.
  • Maximum three children per adult.
  • Diaper babies should use a bath diaper.
  • One parent must be a member of «Trene Sammen».



  • Bathers should be out of the changing rooms no later than 15 minutes after closing time.
  • Forgotten laundry/bathing equipment will be placed in baskets in the pool area.
  • Valuables are delivered to reception.