Rules and information for swimming course for children

A note to parents:

  • Parents are responsible for their children in the wardrobes, before and after the course.
  • Everyone must shower without a swimming suit before entering the pool.
  • The children sit on the bench until the instructor gives them permission to go in the pool.
  • Running is strictly forbidden in the swimming pool area - this can be dangerous. This restriction includes the changing rooms, stairs, and anywhere close to the swimming pool.
  • Parents have no opportunity to be in the pool during the course because of pandem
  • Instructors prefer parents to leave the pool area when the course begins, if it is okay for the child. It is easier for children to learn as they are slightly unfocused when there are spectators.
  • Children who do not follow instructions after 1-2 warnings will have to get out of the pool and sit on a bench. This is for the safety of the other course participants, and it helps the instructor to have an overview of the situation. If it happens several times, the instructor will have to inform the child's parents.
  • Show consideration to others.
  • Behave sensibly in the water.
  • It’s better to swim with a swimming cap.

Swimming card

The card proves that children are a course participant.
• The card only gives access to the course and ends when this is done.
• External participants do not have access to the center outside of the courses and the swimming club.
• The children can use the swimming pool during the weekend  (NOK 40 per child) if the guardians are Sammen students, Sammen employees and employees at institutions associated with Sammen.
• Check that the information on the card is correct.
• Take care of the card! The card should be displayed at the reception at the entrance each time the course participant is going to attend a course.