EasySwim swimming school

The swimming school consists of four stages divided into four semesters (completing the entire EasySwim Swimming School will take two years).
• Trinn 1
• Trinn 2
• Trinn 3
• Trinn 4

After each step, the children will receive visible proof that they have completed their swimming lessons and completed one step. The kids who complete all four steps  of the entire school and pass the final exam will get the international EasySwim Diploma.

EasySwim swimming school is a fun, effective and safe way to learn how to swim. It takes place in deep water and both with and without the use of the EasySwim float suit. You can buy EasySwim float suit at the Student Center. Every class lasts for 45 minutes.

The principles of training in deep water are:

Faster water adaptation

Natural experience for the entire body

Gradual and thorough progress

Excellent overall development of all swimming techniques

More movement - More experience - More learning