Our qualified, motivated and skilled Aqua instructors will lead you through various Aquagym classes to music. Although water workouts are gentle on the joints, the water resistance makes the workout very efficient. The health benefits of these workouts include increased endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

Time descriptions for Aquagym:


It is an intense full body workout which improves muscular strength and endurance, develops coordination and balance. Great mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises effectively burn calories and strengthened core is guaranteed. Making all these exercises on an inflatable fitness platform that you have to balance on the water improves the body balance big-time!

 Aqua Intervall

Simple movements and high intensity. Aqua Interval: Interval time with alternating cardio and strength. Simple movements.

 Aqua dance

Dance Inspired class. An effective and invigorating class inspired by Latin rhythms and dance styles. This class is based on water gym exercises, cardio and body-toning.