Sunday hikes

Did you know that spending time in nature has been documented to reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness? Enjoying it with others also fosters a sense of belonging and boosts the production of happiness hormones!

Therefore, on the first Sunday of every month, we would like to invite you to join us for a Sunday hike! The focus will be on enjoying the nature, daylight and the good company, and we'll include a nice break along the way where we'll enjoy our snack and chill for a bit. These trips are suitable for everyone – the emphasis here is on enjoyment rather than performance. 

There are limited spots available for these hikes, so registration is binding. If you sign up and cannot attend, we would greatly appreciate it if you could unregister, so that someone else has the opportunity to join. 

You can find a more detailed description of the different hikes for this semester here: 

Nattlandsfjellet to Nubbevannet 

The trip takes you over Nattlandsfjellet with magnificent views in all directions, to a cozy lake a bit further up in the elevation. We will spend some time here, so bring warm clothing, something to sit on, and something to eat. We will take a different route down than the one we take up. 

🗓️ Date: 1. Oktober  

📍 Meeting point: At 10:00 AM at the “bybane”stop "Sletten senter." From here, we walk together for about 10 minutes along a road before taking bus number 81 up to the starting point of the hike. You can also meet directly at Mannsverk bus stop at 10:15 AM. 

⏱️ Duration: 3 hours including break 
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The Canadian Forest offers many different paths and routes in a pleasant forest terrain. The hikes are flat and easy, and we'll take a nice break with a campfire and barbecue. We provide basic barbecue food for all participants. There is a lean-to shelter available, but feel free to bring seat cushions in case it gets crowded 

🗓️ Date: 5. November 

📍 Meeting point: At 12:00 PM at the bus stop Allestadveien, bus number 4 to Hesjaholtet 

️⏱️ Duration: 2-3 hours including the barbecue 

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Fløyen med lystenning 

The Sunday hike in December will be on the first Sunday of Advent. At Fløyen, it is a tradition to light Advent candles every Sunday during Advent, which is why we are having the Sunday hike here! 

The pre-Christmas atmosphere is often somewhat diminished by the exam period, but if you bring some cocoa to the top, we can guarantee a good dose of Christmas spirit up at Fløyen. We'll have cocoa and a snack while we watch the lighting of the candles. Then, we'll head down when we feel ready for it. 


🗓️ Date: 3. December 

📍 Meeting point: At 12:00 PM at the Fløibanen in the city center. The candle lighting ceremony is at 1:15 PM at the top 

⏱️ Duration: 3 hours including break 

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