Student and employee


As a Sammen student or an exchange student in Norway, you have access to all of our gyms and you only pay per semester. If you have just become a student or have not received a certificate of absence yet, it's not a problem – you just have to show that you have payed the semester fee by the 15.02 for the spring semester and the 15.09 for the autumn semester.

Autumn membership applies for the period 01.07 - 31.12
Spring membership is for the period 01.01 - 30.06.

Students of the following schools are granted the right to student membership:


Per semester: NOK 1200,-
Drop- in: NOK 80,-

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As an employee at Sammen, UiB, HVL, NHH or BI you have the opportunity to buy a cheaper membership which allows access to all of our gyms. Please remember to show your employee identification card.


Per month NOK 183,- (12.month contract)
Per. semester:  NOK 1200,-

Drop- in: NOK 80,-

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This membership applies to you who have previously studied in Bergen and are an alumni member where you studied. With this membership you will have access to all our gyms with the exception of Studentsenteret.

The following schools are eligible for alumni membership:

  • Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)
  • Høgskolen på Vestlandet (HVL)
  • Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH)
  • Handelshøyskolen BI, Bergen (BI)
  • Kunstskolen i Bergen (KiB)
  • Bergen Arkitektskole (BAS)
  • VID Vitenskaplige høyskole 
  • NLA Høgskolen
  • Noroff
  • Skrivekunstakademiet
  • Høyskolen Kristiania



Per month: NOK 399 (12 month contract),
Per month: NOK 499, - (no contract)
1 month cash: NOK 599, -
12 months cash: NOK 4788, -

Drop- in: NOK 100,-

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