Hike with us at Sammen – Seven mountains in seven weeks

Discover Bergen this autumn with us, but from the seven mountains!

This hiking group is now full. We will update with more hiking groups soon

We want to invite you all to get to know Bergen better, but from the seven “city hikes”. We will hike one mountain each week. This means in total, seven hikes spread over seven weeks. We hope that you would like to join! 

Who can join?  
The hiking group is for anyone who enjoys nature and hikes, but also for those of you who want a consistent and social group to hike with. The hikes are for all levels, and we will walk slowly so you will still be able to talk and socialize whilst hiking. People that are used to hiking are more than welcome to join, but must expect a slow walking pace.  

You do not need a membership at Trene Sammen to join the hike. 

Description of the hikes and mountains  


We will walk together from the bus stop called Gravdal. From here we will walk approximately 20 minutes before the hike starts. We will return the same way that we came from.  

🗓️ Date: 30. August
📍 Meeting point: 17:00 o’clock by the bus stop Gravdal, in Laksevåg. There are several buses that will take you to this place. From Olav Kyrres Gate E you can take Line 6 towards Lyngbø, go off at Nygård Kirke, and walk to Gravdal – Or you can take bus 44 towards Gravdal. This will bring you closest to the meeting point. This bus goes from the bus stop called Lyngbø. Check “Skyss Reise” if unsure. 
⏱️ Duration: hours round trip



This is a relatively easy mountain hike. Damsgårdsfjellet is approx. 326 meters above the sea level. The starting point is Melkeplassen. Bus no 19 departs from Olav Kyrres Gate E to Melkeplassen. Get off at the bus stop called Hamrehaugen. 

🗓️ Date: 06.September
📍 Meeting Point: 17:00 o’clock by the bus stop Hamrehaugen at Melkeplassen.
⏱️ Duration: hours round trip 


Approx 401 above sea level in total. This is a medium-demanding hike. There are many ways and routes uphill, with different starting points. We will depart at Danmarksplass, and return the same route downhill.  

🗓️ Date: 13.September
📍 Meeting Point: 17:00 at Danmarksplass. We will talk together from here to the where the hike will start. 
⏱️ Duration: 2-3 timer round trip



Take bus no 12 from Bergen city center to Montana. We will meet by the bus stop called Montana and walk collectively from here. Ulriken is one of the greatest mountains in Bergen by height and is reckoned it to be the most challenging one. Therefore, we will do the so-called swings (Korketrekkeren) instead of the mountain staircases. This route is more pleasant to do and makes it easier to conversate with each other. We will do the staircases downhill, and finish where we started.  

🗓️ Dato: 20.September
📍 Meeting point: 17:00 at Montana bus stop. 
⏱️ Duration: 2-3 hours round trip 



We will hike uphill to Rundemannen from Svartediket, and walk downhill over Fløyen.  

Vi går opp til Rundemannen fra Svartediket, og går ned igjen over Fløyen. The start and end of this hike are thus two different places, and the hike will end at Fløibanen in the city center. This hike is one of the longer hikes. The trail is however easily navigable with a pleasant gravel path. 

🗓️ Date: 27.September
📍Meeting point: At 17:00 in the little park just nearby (between) the bus stops Årstadveien and Svartediket. The little park is in plain sight just after you have gone off the bus (if not, google the bus stops in Google Maps). Buss no 5 and 6 stops by Årstadveien, whilst buss no 11 stops by Svartediket.

⏱️ Duration: 3 hours round trip


Stoltzen and Sandviksfjellet

We will hike to Sandviksfjellet via the infamous (but brutal) staircases of Stoltzen. We will walk downhill through the trails with Munkebotn. The hike to Stoltzen is one of the shorter hikes but will really be tiresome for your legs! We have by no means intentions to compete, so we will also for this hike, overcome the stairs in a leisurely pace.

There are many routes uphill, so we might change the route if necessary.

🗓️ Date: 4.October
📍 Meeting point: 17:00 by the bus stop Munkebotn in Sandviken. There are many lines headed in this direction (3, 4, 12, 16E, 19, 30, 37, 39, 300, 310), check Skyss Reise to plan this further.
⏱️ Duration: 2 hours round trip


The classic! Easy navigable on a wide path.

🗓️ Date: 11.October
📍Meeting point: By Fløibanen at 17:00.
⏱️Duration: 2 hours round trip