Hike competition

Take with you the good foundation you have built up at Trene Sammen, and use the days that follow for nice walks and hikes outside.

In the time we are now in, we strongly want to encourage everyone to maintain physical activity.. The situation requires us to think of alternatives and use arenas other than our gyms. Therefore, we have created a hike competition for our members that will run until 16 May 2021.

We do not encourage trips in larger groups. If you are in quarantine / sick - stay home until you are healthy again.

You get various points on selected hikes in the local area, everything from Fløyen to Store Lungegårdsvannet.

Download the Trimpoeng app from App Store or Google Play to enter the competition. Enter the competition code trenesammen21 at the top of the list of competitions to enter our closed competition.

Competition rules

  • You must be a member or employee of Trene Sammen - or a student affiliated with Studentsamskipnaden på Vestlandet (Sammen)
  • The points are automatically registered in the Trimpoeng app
  • The different trips give different points, depending on the length and how demanding the trip is.
  • Points for our hikes require you to check in via the Trimpoeng app
  • You can go on the same hike several times, but at least 8 hours apart after each check-in

There will also be some competitions along the way. We post these on our Instagram profile @trenesammen.

Photo competition!
Instagram photo, tagged with #Sammenturkonkurranse. Best picture will be awarded

Download the TRIMPOENG app (if you do not already have it)

  • Register and log in
  • Choose the competition«På tur med Sammen høst 2021»
  • Enter the competition code trenensammen21

Remember to check the weather before the trip. If you are going on a longer hike, remember food and something dry to change to. We emphasize that all trips are at your own risk, and we again encourage you not to go together in larger groups. Otherwise, the guidelines issued by the authorities regarding current restrictions are complied with at all times.

Need help with the app?

I have problems registering with / logging in:
Participated in Trimpoeng competition before? Try to log in with your own mobile number and receive a password via SMS.

I have previously participated in Trimpoeng competitions, but do not receive a password:
Send email to support@trimpoeng.no

I'm at the destination, but the app says I'm far away:
Open Google Maps and let your phone find your location → go back to the Trimpoeng app and update.

I can not check in on destinations for one reason or another:
Log in to my page in the app and register the hike manually. Take a picture of the destination with a screenshot of the mobile phone when this occurs → send mail to support@trimpoeng.no for registration.

The hikes do not appear in the app:
Go to Settings → Apps → Location services → Activate

Feel free to tag us on Instagram at @trenesammen and #påtursammen