Guest Training

Visit other cities with your student membership!

What is guest training?

With guest training, you as a student get the opportunity to train for free at other student organizations. You must have an active membership with us during the period you are going to guest train, so you use your chip when you guest train.

If you are going to Oslo, Drammen or Hønefoss, you must obtain a guest training card before your travel. 

Why do I have to bring guest training cards to Oslo, Drammen and Hønefoss?

Since the gyms do not have the same chip reader as us, we have guest training cards for you who are going to Oslo, Drammen or Hønefoss. It must be picked up at one of our gyms before you leave.

How many times can I guest train?
As a student member of Trene Sammen, you can guest train for up to 15 days spread over a year. In addition, up to two months unlimited during the summer (in the period June 1 to September 1). In order to be able to use up to two months of continuous guest training in the summer, you must renew the membership for the autumn semester, since the spring semester membership expires on 30.06. If you do not do that, you can not train guests beyond 30.06.

sammen trene 6205.jpgCan I book and participate in group lessons when I guest train?
Booking of group classes can be done at the reception of the gum you visit, and it is up to each gym how early / and whether you can book classes in advance.

Where can I guest train?
With active training membership, you can guests train at the following places:

Gjøvik (must bring a guest training card)
Haugesund (must be sent an access card, check the website)
Oslo (must bring a guest training card)
Stord (must be sent an access card, check the website)
Narvik og Tromsø
Drammen og Hønefoss(must bring a guest training card)
Ålesund (must bring a guest training card)

How long is my gym membership active?
For the autumn semester, the membership is active in the period 01/07 - 31/12
For the spring semester, the membership is active in the period 01/01 - 30/06

Remember that you can always renew your membership online. If you have already traveled from Bergen and want the guest train without active membership, you can easily renew it on our website.