Do you want to try frisbee golf?

You can now rent frisbee at Sammen!

Frisbeegolf has the past years become a popular sport. It is a sport where everyone can participate and at the same time be outdoor in the nature! All of the frisbeegolf courses in Norway are owned by the public, which means that they are open to everyone and free to use. In Sammen we want to make it easier for students to be physically active together, something that research has shown, improves both physical and mental health. Therefore, we now offer free hire of frisbee at Sammen.  

Frisbeegolf is played similar to tradional golf, but with clubs and golf balls beeing replaced with discs and baskets. In other words, the aim of the game is to throw a frisbee from A to B, by using as few throws as possible. After your first throw, you will have to start from where the frisbee has landed and continue until the frisbee is in the basket. The player with the least number of throws in a round, wins. A frisbeegolf course usually consists of either 9 or 18 holes (standing baskets).  

Is it the first time you and your friends play frisbee golf? Do not worry, we will give you a booklet with rules that will help you get started with the game! 

Terms of rental:  

  • You have to be a student in Bergen and have paid the semester fee 
  • Up to 6 sets of frisbee (1 driver, 1 midrange, 1 putter) can be rent from the same person 
  • The equipment has to be picked up/ returned by the same person who hire the discs 
  • The equipment needs to be returned within 24 hours, unless other agreements have been made. Any delay will be charged with a 300 NOK fee. 
  • The equipment is well looked after. Any damage needs to be reported to us.  

How to rent frisbees at Sammen: 

Send an e-mail to and include the following information:  
1. How many participants? (To know how many frisbee-sets we should reserve) 
2. Name and phone number of the person who will be renting the discs for the group 
3. Date and time you wish to rent (Name a few different dates here in case of high demand) 

You will receive a confirmation by email when you can pick up the frisbees. The frisbees have to be picked up at the “Studentcentre”, Parkveien 1.  
Where can you play frisbeegolf in Bergen?  
Bergen have several great frisbeegolf courses. See information below to findt where and how to get to there. You will also find some frisbeegolf baskets on Sammen’s areas just outside Fantoft – a great place to start practice! 
📍Lynghaugsparken- Fyllingsdalen:  
Take the “bybane” to Fyllingsdalen and walk for 10 minutes before you arrive at Lynghaugsparken. The field consists of 16 holes.  

📍Søndre Hetlevik Frisbeegolf bane- Loddefjord:  
Take bus number 3 ‘Vadmyra’ from Olav Kyrres gate to Loddefjord terminal (13 minutes traveltime). From here you will have to take bus no 41 ‘Hetlevikåsen’ and stop at ‘Hetleviktoppen’ (4 minutes traveltime). Walk the last 400 metres before you arrive at the field. The field consists of 18 holes. 
📍Flaktveit- DiskGolfPark:  
Take bus number 4 ‘Flaktveit’ from Festplassen to bus stop ‘Breimyra’ (34 minutes traveltime), and walk 300 metres to Flaktveit Discogolf Park. The field consists of 18 holes.  
The Udisc-App give you a full overview of the several frisbee golf fields, along with detailed maps. From this app you can register points and save your previous rounds.