Sammen Recycling Festival

Are you moving out from your student housing? Or maybe you just have some things that you want to get rid of? A bookshelf, a chair, kitchen utensils, books, clothes or a lamp?

We make sure that what you want to throw away can get a new home.

The things will be stored over the summer, and on the 14th of August we are planning a large second-hand market at Fantoft, where new (and old) students can get things for their student home  - completely free! To achieve this, we collect and arrange for you to pass things on to other students

Good for the environment and at the same time you can make a lucky fellow student happy.

Collection station

We have set up collection stations at Fantoft and at the Student Center.

The deadline for delivering to the Student Center is the 1st of July and to Fantoft on the 10th of August.

At our studenthousing you can place things at these spots:

  • Alrek: the study room
  • Brann Stadion: the laundry
  • Damsgård: the garage
  • Fridalen: the common room
  • Frydenbø: the common room in the old building
  • Grønneviksøren: outside the post rooms
  • Gyldenpris: under the stairs at the 1st floor
  • Hatleberg: the study room
  • Jekteviken: the bike room
  • Løbergsveien: the common kitchen
  • Nattland: "bytteboden" in the L basement
  • The city centre: at the Student Center
  • Solheimslien: the billiards room
  • Øyjordsveien: the laundry

We are happy to accept this

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Small furniture
  • Books
  • Games
  • Working electrical items
  • Interior items
  • Clothes
  • Hiking and sports equipment

We do not accept this

  • Broken and dirty things
  • Helmets and car seats for children
  • Single shoes
  • Duvets, pillows and sleeping bags
  • Mattresses and beds
  • Food
  • Hygiene products