Privacy Policy Sammen

Who’s the data controller?

This privacy policy is in effect when Sammen – The Student Welfare Organization is processing your personal data. 

This privacy policy explains how we’re gathering and using the personal data we recieve from you. Personal dataThis could be a name, an adress, a phone number, e-mail adress, IP and membership records.

All processing of your personal data is subject to separate rules in The Personal Data Act. Sammen is responsible of making sure that the proscessing of your personal data is compliant with the Norwegian law. «Datatilsynet» is responsible for supervising this law.    

What’s the purpose?

The purpose of the information we’re gathering is to optimize the service given to students and other customers. By collecting personal data, we can keep track of your memberships, tenancies or other arrangements you may have with us. 

What is the legal basis?

Sammen is commited to comply with the N law. This makes you entitled to;

  • Withdraw and change your consent.
  • Have personal data deleted.
  • Have false personal data deleted.
  • Have access to your personal data.
  • Demand to have personal data collected by Sammen transfered to a third party of your choice.
  • Make a complaint to Datatilsynet if you think Sammen isn’t managing your personal data in a proper maner.  

What personal data is being processed?

To deliver as good services as possible, we are gathering different types of data, including some personal data. 

  1. Web page: On we use cookies to recognize you the next time you visit our page. Cookies is a small piece of data sent from a website, and stored on the users computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. On we’re collecting information about our visitors by using Goodle Analytics. This helps us to better understand usage patterns, statistics and trends, which in turn helps improve the user experience.     
  2. Chat: We are offering a chat via Facebook Mesenger on our Facebook page and This dialogue is automatically stored in Messenger, and it will be possible to browse this dialogue for us and the customer. All dialogue older than twelve months will be deleted.   
  3. Newsletters: You can subscribe to a variety of our newsletters. To make it possible reaching the right person, we need to collect your e-mail address. This information will not be shared with other enterprises and will be deleted when you unsubribe from the service. 

Where is the data collected?

  • Tenants in Sammen Housing: By signing the rental agreement you give Sammen the right to process and store your personal data.  
  • Members at Sammen Trening: By signing a gym you give Sammen the right to process and store your personal data. 
  • Users of Sammens Health Services and Health Fund: The services that is a part of the norwegian health legislation is processed accordingly and is kept from Sammens other data. Users of our counselling services is giving consent for Sammen to gather personal data by booking an appointment with a counsellor or by enrolling to a course,     
  • Users of Sammens kindergartens: Admission for kindergartens is via Bergen Kommunes (The Municipality of Bergen) systems, and follows their guidelines for collecting personal data.

Sammen will occasionally send questionnaires to those of our customers which have registred their e-mail adress with us. The objective is to get feedback from our customers on our services.   

Is it voluntary to give away your personal data? 

If you got a customer relationship exceeding the tuition fee, it’s madatory to provide personal data. This applies to customer relationship such as being a tenant at Sammen Housing or if you apply for support from our Health Fund. In the cases where it’s mandatory to give us your personal data, you will be informed specifically about this. 

Is the information shared with a third party? 

Sammen uses subcontractors to deliver, develop and improve our services. These subcontractors are not permitted to use the personal data for purposes exceeding this. When they recieve personal data, the subcontractors become data processors along with Sammen. Sammen enter into data processor agreements with all the subcontractors wich recieve and stores personal data from Sammen.    

How is the personal data stored and when is it deleted?

When your customer relationship with Sammen is ended, and you are not using any of Sammens services, we are storing your personal data for a limited period. Subsequently all of the personal data concerning you will be deleted, except the data wich the Norwegian bookkeeping legislation and any special legislation requires being stored.

What rights do you got if your personal data is registred?

You can influence the personal data we are storing on you and how we are using them. By contacting us you can get access to the personal data we are storing on you,   

How is the data secured?

According to the Personal Data Act we’ve got the responsibility to make sure that all of the personal data we collect is properly secured. In addition to technology, we are continuously working with awareness on this matter among our employees. to make sure that all the data we’re collecting is secure against external threats and other vulnerability factors.  

Our IT- and buisness systems is secured according to current requirements. We’re using ou IT tools to keep your personal data when it’s transfered through Internet to our servers. 


Contact information

If you’ve got any questions regarding the privacy policy or anything else, feel free to contact us.

Our contact details:
Adress: Sammen - Studentsamskipnaden på Vestlandet, Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen
Phone: 55 54 50 00

E-mail: Please put "Privacy policy" in the subject line.