Self test Covid-19 (SARS CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test)

Have you picked up a Covid-19 self test? This is how you perform the test!

How do I use the self test?
The self test is easy to use. You take the test on yourself and read the answer on the test stick after fifteen minutes. Watch the video below to see how the test is performed.

Pay extra attention to this:

  1. Test swab: Insert 2-3 cm into the nostril and rotate around for 10 seconds in both nostrils.
  2. The test tube: stir the swab in the liquid 10 times, squeeze the sponge on the test stick, break off the tip of the stick and insert the cap on the test tube.
  3. Test piece: Drip four drops in the circle. Do not touch or move the test piece.
  4. The result is read after 15 minutes (min) and 30 minutes (max).

What if the test result is positive?

  1. Isolate your self and keep distance to other people.
  2. Call the Bergen Municipality corona phone 55 56 77 00 for guidance.

Do I have to take any action if the test is negative?
If the answer is negative, this is not a guarantee that you do not have infection and you must still follow infection control measures.