Eco Week 2021

November 1st-5th, Sammen arranges the annual Eco Week in partnership with UiB and HVL - small changes that makes a huge difference. What we do matter!

Here is this week's program!

Monday: ENERGY
We will provide facts and tips that come in handy when you want to help both your surroundings, and your wallet. 

Tuesday: FOOD
Huge amounts of food gets thrown away every day - but if you get creative you can still use a lot of the items you thought went bad. Eating up your food and reducing meat consumption will have an impact on the environment. 

Spise Sammen will be serving tasteful vegetarian food on this day. 

Wednesday: REUSE
Between 2pm and 5pm we are setting up a number of workshops at the Student Center. You will get the upportunity to repair, or get help to repair, objects you alredy have - instead of buying new ones. Tailors and a bicycle workshop will be available to assist. This will reduce unnecessary waste, in addition to make you value your belongings more. 

We should all reach towards a more sustainable everyday life! On this day we will focus on the small changes that can make big differences. 

More and more eco-friendly products are constantly added to the market. The panel will be testing a number of these, and decide if they are good alternatives to the less sustainable options. 

Each year between 8 and 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. Do you want to contribute to a cleaner nature?