Consumer panel Eco week 2021

New items are constantly appearing on store shelves that claim to be more sustainable than the alternatives. But are they really worth going shopping for? Four of our student have tested a handful of these products and given them dice rolls - so you don't have to!


VegMe wienerkorv: 18/24 points

Felix: 3
Axel: 5
Anna: 5
Max: 5
Everyone had an expectation that it would correspond to sausage, but it did not at all. Nevertheless, it fell in very good taste with the majority of the panel, and scored high overall.


Vita hjertego' Grønnsakspostei: 22/24 points

Felix: 5
Axel: 5
Anna: 6
Max: 6
Absolute agreement that the vegetable patewas good, Max described it as a better version of regular liver pate


Lysekils Vegiar: 7/24 poeng

Felix: 2
Axel: 2
Anna: 2
Max: 1
Very salty, a lot of dill, and a special smoky taste. No one would buy this.


Go' Vegan gulost og Go' Vegan salami: 11/24 points

Felix: 3
Axel: 2
Anna: 3
Max: 3
Little taste on both products, seems a bit artificial. The cheese has a distinct bad smell, and the salami lacks the resistance consistency. The combination gets a middle rating.


Q Planti bringebær og lime: 24/24

Felix: 6
Axel: 6
Anna: 6
Max: 6
The winner of the test! Lovely taste of coconut, raspberry and lime. No negative comments on this, simply a successful buy.


The panel has also tested several environmentally friendly alternative products. Below you can read their reactions.

Suction straw:
Felix: Straws of oats. Slightly different sizes, some are absolutely perfect, while some are slightly small.
Aksel: It works very well. It can be an advantage if you are going to drink a little slow with the little ones, then one will not be so drunk, because you can not drink so fast.
Max: Slightly unstable.
Anna: Works perfect.

Conclusion: Unsure, worked fine.

Washable fabric bandage:
Aksel: It feels soft, certainly nice to wear.
Anna: What I think, probably very practical at home, but very impractical if you are not. A little against its purpose if you have to pack it in a plastic bag when you are somewhere else and not able to wash it.

Conclusion: Impractical, the idea is good.

Washable coffee filter:
Max: I doubt I would have used it normally
Aksel: Is not the usual coffee filter made of paper? It that not ok?
Felix: The fabric is probably not so environmentally friendly since you probably have to use quite a few paper filters for the fabric to be environmentally friendly.
Max: Worth a try, but a bummer when it's for washing and you want to make coffee.
Anna: I drink the mostly tea.

Conclusion: Impractical

Bamboo toothbrush:
Felix: Smooth toothbrush!
Anna: I juse one now as my regular toothbrush, it works great!
Max: I have one at home too, I will try it a little more.
Anna: Works like a regular toothbrush.

Conclusion: Thumbs up.

Wooden cutlery:
Shaft: Fine for replacing plastic, but can just bring my metal cutlery?
Anna: Agree! I would rather bring my own t-spoon that I have at home.
Felix: I would like that the knife was a little sharper.

Conclusion: Bring your metal cutlery.

Metal straws:
Anna: It comes with a pipe cleaner.
Aksel: It's nice, you can reach some smoothie leftovers inside when cleaing it.
Max: Smart, but inconvenient to take it with you.
Aksel: No, you can take it with you, easy to carry. Say you are going to McDonald's  then you can say no to paper straws because you have your own.
Anna: Recommended

Conclusion: Recommended

Bee's wrap:
Max: Is this packed lunch paper?
Aksel: You can use it for that, but also to pack other things.
Felix: Do I use this instead of plastic? So chill!
Aksel: This one I liked, can easily wash it with just water.
Anne: I'm going to buy this, it worked really well!
Max: Me too
Felix: Me too
Aksel: Me too.

Conclusion: 10/10