Covid-19 outbreak close to Fantoft; who should get tested?

There has been concerns regarding the recent Covid-19 outbreak close to Fantoft. Here you'll find information about who should get tested.

Februar 12: The municipality of Bergen now reports that they have good capacity for testing, and that anybody who wants to be tested for Covid-19, can.

The situation is still uncertain regarding the Covid-19 outbreak at a construction site close to Fantoft student housing.

Several students have been in touch with us, expressing their concerns for the situation, and yesterday most of Sammen's staff got tested, as well as a large portion of the students. Those test answers that Sammen know of has fortunately come back negative.

Due to the changed situastion and due to changed advice from the Bergen Accident and Emergency Clinic, there are new recommandations. 

It is now recommended that the following groups get tested for Covid-19:

  • Anyone who has worked at the construction site at Kronstad or Fantoft, or other construction sites with a known outbreak of Covid-19
  • Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19. 
  • Those defined as close contacts of persons that has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Those defined as close contacts of anyone who has worked at the construction sites mentioned.
  • Anyone who has travelled outside the municipality of Bergen.
  • Anyone who suspect they are infected, even if they don't display symptoms, i.e. other construction sites.

Information from the municipality of Bergen about testing and test stations.