Sammen is recruiting student staff

The position of Student activity host is the only one suitable for non-Norwegian speakers. For the Norwegian version of the listings, where you can find the other available positions, go to this page.

We are hiring new student employees to further develop our social activities and engagements, focusing on preventing loneliness among students. These employments will be important contributions to student life in Bergen, despite our daily life being so affected by the pandemic and mainly digital meeting places. We are now announcing several new positions for students, and the positions of Studentaktivitører (student activity host) is also available for English speakers.

We are looking for people who

  • Can work independently and be self-going
  • Like to take initative and get in contact with new people and thins
  • Are creative and can contribute with their own ideas
  • Will contribute to a positive work environment

We offer flexible work hours and salary in accordance with agreement.

Application deadline: Sunday June 13th

Duration: until December 2021

Percentage of full-time equivalent: 20 %

Studentaktivitører - student activity hosts

Sammen is looking for outgoing and energetic student employees who want to arrange various social events and initatives, and contribute socially them selves. Our student activity hosts initiate physical and digital low-threshold initiatives for students in Bergen, and we are looking for more activity hosts to be able to increase the number of activities. The student activity hosts will get well acquainted with all our areas of service, and work closely with other student staff.

We are looking for independent and self-employed student activity hosts, who take initiative and think outside the box about how we can improve our activity program and reach out to all students.


If you have questions about either of the positions, you can contact Head of commucations Marita Monsen by email or phone +47 93808222.

About Sammen

Sammen (translates to “Together”) is the wellfare organization for students of Western Norway, and we run student housing, kindergartens, gyms, cafes, health care services and career and counseling services. Together with the educational institutions, we offer students in Western Norway customized and high-quality services.

Our vision is: TOGETHER for the students of Western Norway

Our value: WE CARE!

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