The Sammen cabin is situated at Kvamskogen and is available all year round.
Furedalen Alpin

The cabin, which has 35 beds, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Furedalen Alpine skiing facility at Kvamskogen. It is located about one hour by car from the city center. 

The application form can be found HERE. Contact if you have any questions about using the Sammen-cabin. 


Rules for use 

The Sammen-cabin should NOT be used for excessive partying. If this happens funds from the deposit will be deducted and the organization can be barred from the cabin for a set period.You can apply to book the cabin from the 1st of October. During holidays, international students and groups with a high proportion of international students will be prioritized. 

Two representatives the organization that wants to use the cabin must have a short meeting with Sammen to review practical information, rules for use and potential sanctions in case of violation of the rules. 

COVID-19 measures 

Each group MUST have a member who is responsible for infection control and for ensuring that the current infection control rules are followed.  

The maximum number of people is reduced from 35 to 30 people. 

72 hours before departure a complete list containing the names, telephone numbers, institutions and if applicable the faculty, should be sent to the head of the student cabin Frederick Gjethammer ( to be used for infection tracking.  



Student organizations/students 

Price for the cabin is 4500kr per day and 9000kr for a weekend (Friday - Sunday). 

In addition to this, there will be a deposit of NOK 10,000 which must be paid in advance and can be withheld if any rules are broken.  


Lease agreement and keys 

Payment of the deposit (NOK 10,000) and signing of the rental agreement must be made on the day of departure at the reception at Trene Sammen, located at the student center, weekdays between 07:30 and 14:00. It is not possible to pick up the cabin key before the day of departure. 

NB! Sauna is closed due to vandalism. 

Who may rent the cabin?

The cabin is primarily available to students affiliated with Sammen. A valid semester card is required when picking up the keys.

Educational institutions affiliated with Sammen also have access to renting the cabin. The cabin is equipped with Wi-Fi and a projector available for rent at the reception.


The cabin is available for rent according to capacity, mainly between May and August.

If you do not find answers to your questions on our information pages, please contact