Electricity cost
All rental prices are exclusive energy costs. In most student housing the electricity is invoiced together with the rent from Sammen. Some student housing is directly invoiced from the chosen electricity supplier and common electricity is invoiced together with rent.

Extra services will be charged with a fee. The fees cover the actual costs. When you are living here the fees will be charged together with the rent.

Administration costs
Violations that lead to extra costs for Sammen Housing, as calling Securitas or other personnel or damage to property may be charged the tenant from 2500,- NOK per common kitchen and from 1000,- NOK for single rooms. The cost will be estimated from the effective costs.

Cleaning of vacated residence
If your home, storage room or common ground is not properly cleaned, you will be charged with an invoice from a cleaning company. Price from 500,- NOK.

Per semester NOK 750,-
Electric car parking incl. charge NOK 750,-
HC parking with valid permit (incl. charge) NOK 0,-
14 days parking NOK 100,-
1 month parking NOK 200,-

Internal transfer
Between two accommodations in Sammen NOK 300,- (From the 1st of  January 2023, the price will rise to NOK 500)

Unlocking of door
If Securitas have to open for you NOK 500,-

Lost assets and refunds
New key for your room NOK 750,-
Change of lock cylinder including one key NOK 1750,-
New key for the mail box NOK 250,-
New BIR tag (garbage) NOK 100,-
New tag/not returned NOK 250,-
New system padlock/not returned NOK 1000,-
Refund for return of bought cylinder key NOK 200,-
Refund for return of bought tag NOK 50,-
Refund for return of mail box key NOK 50,-
Lack of Telia equipment after moving out NOK 1000,-

Laundries appWash
Wash without soap, included dryer NOK 23,-
Wash with soap, included dryer NOK 25,-

False alam causing the Fire Department to come unnecessary NOK 11.105