Parking - Q&A

Frequently asked questions about the parking agreement

How many parking licenses can I purchase?
We have limited parking available, and you can therefore only purchase one parking license and register one car. 

How do I change the regstration number on my license?
If you are parking with a different car then the one you have registered, click on «endre» under “parkeringsavtalen” in the menu on the left. Put in the new registration number and click save. Please note that the registration number on your parking license have to match the license plate of the car you are currently parked with. You can only park one car at the time with us.

What about guests visiting?
If you are staying at Sammen Housing, you can purchase a 14-day visitors pass for parking. This only applies to the areas we have parking, and you can not also have a semester agreement.

What about moving in or out?
Where it is possible, you can drive to the entrance to unload or load furniture in the car in connection with moving out/in. Please make sure that the car does not prevent the traffic for other cars or persons. It is important that the parking inspector can see that there is visible activity by the car to avoid parking fee. For example by leaving the car door open or that someone is present by the car. If the parking inspector cannot see any visible activity by the car within five minutes you will get a fee. Fantoft has 3 parking lots for moving in and out (30 min). These can also be used when collecting keys etc.

If this doesn’t work, who do I call?
Always contact Aimo Park at +47 21 00 76 70 or

What do I do when I receive the SMS?
Click on «Glemt passord» and you will receive a new verification code. A step-by-step guide is found here.

What are your parking regulations?
There are information about our regulations at all of our parking areas, please read this carefully.

Once I log in, do I have a valid parking permit?
No, you always have to register your bank card and purchase parking. Once you receive a receipt in the app, you have a valid parking permit.

Do I have to provide you with my credit card information?
Yes, as a regular purchase online, you have to provide Aimo Park with your credit card information. The data gets encrypted once your purchase is complete.

Do I have to renew the agreement?
Yes, you have to renew the agreement each semester. Register a case at My Page before your current agreement expires.

Can I transfer my parking agreement to another area?
Yes, contact Aimo Park.

Where can I file a complaint regarding a parking ticket?
You have to fill out this form if you wish to file a formal complaint regarding a parking ticket.

More information about parking is found here.

Parking at the sports centres

At which sports centre can I park?
Fantofthallen and Alrek.

How do I register?
Every time you use the parking space designated for the sports centre, you have to register your license plate number and your phone number on the tablet in the reception area. Please note that you do not have valid parking just because you purchased a parking permit.

How long can I park?
You can park for a maximum of 4 hours after you have logged in on the tablet. Please note that you only have valid parking if you have purchased a parking permit and you have logged in on the table in the reception when you arrive.

My parking agreement does not show up in the menu?
The agreement is registered on «Sammen Idrett», but the parking permit you purchase is registered to the parking area you are going to use.

Read more about parking at our sports centres here.