Parking at our fitness centres

Parking outside the fitness centres at Fantoft and Alrek

Those of you who use the fitness centers at Fantoft and Alrek must first get an approval from us by sending us an email ( or, or talk with us at the reception of either gym, to park. Write down your customer number and your mobile number. Once you have been approved, you will receive an SMS from Aimo Park with instructions on what you need to do next.

Information on how to register and pay is to be found here.

Once the agreement with Aimo Park has been established, you only need to register your car number via your mobile or on the iPad that is located at the fitness center when parking. This must be done every time to avoid parking fees. The parking permit applies once a day and lasts for 4 hours.

Parking applies to normal passenger cars at Fantoft and Alrek. Electric cars cannot charge at our parking lots.

NB. Even though you have purchased a parking agreement with Aimo Park, we can not guarantee you a permanent parking place. The same rules apply as if you buy a permit from the municipality.

Prices: 25 NOK drop in and 100 NOK per semester

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourselves with the rules for parking. Aimo Park can be contacted at phone number +47 21 00 76 70 or

Do you have any more questions about parking at our fitness centres?
See our Q&A with frequently asked questions here.