Information about the parking solution and how to pay for it.

You can download Aimo Park's parking app for Android or iOS by searching for "aimopark". Read more about how to use it her. Should any problems or questions arise, please contact Aimo Park at +47 21 00 76 70 or

Were can I park?
Vi offer parking at the following residences:

  • Fantoft 
  • Nattland
  • Hatleberg
  • Øyjordsveien (may also park at Hatleberg)
  • Alrek
  • Løbergsveien
  • Solheimslien
  • Gyldenpris (only HC-parking)
  • Damsgård (only HC-parking)
  • Grønneviksøren (only HC-parking)
  • Jekteviken (only HC-parking)
  • Brann Stadion (only HC-parking)

NB! There is limited parking at all our student housing.

What is the price?
750 NOK per semester (also applies to electric car parking)
200 NOK for 1 month
100 NOK for 14 days (used for example when people are visiting you/when you are moving etc) 

What do I have to do?
1) Register a case from My Page. It is important that you have the correct mobile number registered on My Page.

2) Once everything is in place you will receive a text message from Aimo Park with instructions on what to do next. 

Important information: 
It is the residents responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules for parking. Aimo Park can be contacted at phone number +47 21 00 76 70 or

The parking approval has to be renewed every semester. Please register a case on My Page before your parking agreement expires.

Even though you have purchased a parking agreement with Aimo Park, we can not guarantee you a place to park. The same rules apply as if you buy a permit from the municipality.

If you are entitled to HC-parking, you can register a case from My Page and ask if we have available HC-parking at your student house. Remember to include your license plate number. If you park on a HC parking you are responsible for having a valid HC card visible in the car window.

Electric car:
Electric cars must buy parking just like a regular car, but charging is included in the parking agreement. To be able to use electric car parking, the car must be charged while standing there (or there will be issued a parking fee). 

Hybrid car: 
Because we have limited EL-parking (and hybrid cars can run on other fuels), hybrid cars can not use electric car parking. 

Caravans, campers, RVs and trailers
Unfortunately, we do not allow caravans, campers, RVs or trailers to park at our parking lots at any time.

Parking next to the fitness centres: 
Here you will find information about parking as a customer at our fitness centres at Fantoft and Alrek.

When exchanging homes:
When moving, your parking permit can be transferred to a new parking facility if the property has this. You must check for yourself whether there are available parking spaces at the new residence.

Do you have any more questions about parking? See our Q&A with frequently asked questions here.