Subletting your room?

You may do so during the period you are on holiday or similar.

As long as you get you a formal letter of acceptance from Sammen you can sublease your accommodation.

It is important to keep in mind that as a subleaser you are responsible for the state of the accommodation and for the payment of the rent.

The person you sublease to must be a student and documentation must be attached to the application (valid student card or admission letter).

You can not subllease another housing if you have your own rental agreement with Sammen.

You are responsible for finding a suitable tenant.

This document has to be filled out and sent us by registering a case on My Page. There is no limit to how long you can sublease, just enter the period in the application. Please note that the rental period count in your total period to stay with us.

We handle applications regarding subletting consecutively.

NB! Illegal subleasing on Airbnb or similar may lead to termination of the lease.