See the new renovated Fantoft

The C/D-block at Fantoft is renovated and new students have moved in on the 1th of August 2018. Take a look at some of the pictures showing the result.

Single roomFantoft Studentboliger, hybel (Ustylet 1).jpg

Fantoft Studentboliger, hybel (Ustylet 2).jpg

The single room is furnished with a bed and a desk

Fantoft Studentboliger, hybel (Ustylet 3).jpg

Wardrobe and cupboard over the bedFantoft Studentboliger, hybel (Stylet 3).jpg

Illustration picture showing how you can decorate your accommodation (only the bed, the wardrobe, the desk and the office chair belongs to the room)Fantoft Studentboliger, hybel (Stylet 4).jpg

Small apartmentFantoft Studentboliger, leilighet (Ustylet 2).jpg


Entrance to the bedroom in the apartment

Fantoft Studentboliger, leilighet (Ustylet 3).jpg

The apartment is furnished with a bed and cupboard over the bedFantoft Studentboliger, leilighet (Ustylet 4).jpg

The apartment is also furnished with a desk and a wardrobeFantoft Studentboliger, leilighet (Stylet 6).jpg

Illustration picture showing how you can decorate your accommodation (only the desk and the office chair belongs to the apartment)Fantoft Studentboliger, leilighet (Stylet 7).jpg

Common kitchen with storage spaceIMG_5297.JPG

Common kitchenIMG_5300.JPG

Living area in the common kitchen which is furnished with a couch and a table, in addition to dining furnitureIMG_5277.JPG

Living area in the common kitchenIMG_5353.JPG



View from the building - "Bybanen", fitness center and a grocery store is located close to the accommodations 

Område Fantoft (17 of 19).jpg


Short distance to several mountains and hiking areasIMG_4864.JPG

Green area with benches outside the blockType A - hybel illustrasjon.jpg

Illustration of a single room which costs 4000NOK + 200NOK for electricity for a monthType B - leilighet illustrasjon.jpgIllustration of a small apartment which costs 6000NOK + 325NOK for electricity for a monthFellesrom illustrasjon.jpg

Illustration of the common Kitchen/living area which you share with seven other students