Information regarding Easter 2020

Information for our tenants regarding Easter 2020

Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter.
Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter will be open Monday April 06, Tuesday April 07 and Wednesday April 08 from 10Am to 03PM. Phone and email will be answered in this period as well.

Our housing office will be closed for Easter starting Saturday April 04 until Monday April 13. They will open again on Tuesday April 14 at 08AM. Phone and facebook will not be answered during this time, but Sammen Housing will be available by email

Cases sent via My page will be checked periodically.

Securitas is available all through Easter. If an emergency should arise, please contact Securitas at 22 88 14 79. This also applies if you have locked yourself out of your room or have lost your keys.

Securitas will also be doing rounds at our buildings during Easter.

Handing in your keys
If you are handing in your keys, it must be done at Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter when they are open, or at the drop-box at Fantoft, you find it on the wall by the entrance to the post house.

We cannot pick up keys that are left in rooms or shared kitchens. Remember that you are responsible for the keys until they are handed in, and you will be invoiced if we need to change locks or replace keys that are not handed in correctly.

If you are quarantined, or is going to be quarantined, at one of our residences, please notify us at immediately. We will reply to emails regarding quarantine during Easter.

Shoppinglists for Easter must be sent to by Wednesday April 08 at 12 noon.
Assistance with grocery shopping and other things will not be available between Thursday April 09 and Monday April 12. First delivery after Easter will be on Tuesday April 14.

Partying in common areas.
We are still getting messages about parties in the shared kitchens and corridors. Because of that Securitas will be making rounds and checking common areas periodically. Police will be called if needed.

Please call Securitas at 22 88 14 79 if you see parties.

Sammen’s chatline
Sammen’s chatline will be open all Easter 09Am – 6PM. Anything you wanna talk about, give us a call. Whether you have something on your mind, if you are by yourself a lot this Easter, or if you have thoughts and emotions you are struggling with. We are here for you to talk about anything and everything. The phone number is +47 908 49 989.

There will be reduced or no cleaning during Easter; April 09 to April 13. Antibac will be placed at the laundries.