Continue living with Sammen Housing?

Read what you have to do here.

Do you wish to continue your stay with us?

If your contract for housing expires July 31, 2020, it must be extended by March 22 if you wish to continue your stay with us.

This is how you do it:

You must send us either of the following

  • Picture of your student ID with a sticker for the current semester.
  • Screenshot of your student ID app.
  • Receipt for the paid semester fee, or a screenshot showing that you are exempt from paying it.

Send it to and we’ll send you a new contract as soon as possible.

You will be notified by email when your new lease is ready to be signed. Please remember that the contract is only valid when it has been signed, so double check and make sure that you have received a receipt for your signed lease by email.

Please note that we may take a little longer to respond due to the current situation, but if you have emailed us before March 22, we will renew your contract.

Do you want to switch rooms?

You still must renew your contract on your current housing. You apply for internal transfer via My page, put in new application in the queue “Internal transfer”. If you are allocated a change of rooms, we will fix your contracts, so they correspond to the transfer.

Not sure if you’ll still be a student come fall?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the deadline for renewal, but you do have the option of cancelling the new contract before July 23. It must be done in writing to

If you have any question you can send them to us by email