Cases through My page

Are you wondering how to send cases through My page and what to send where? Here is a short explanation:

First you must log in to My page and find Cases under Menu. Then click on the orange circle with a white cross to ad a new case. You will also find the Add new-button under the list of cases you have sent earlier.

Remember to check that the agreement the case is linked to is the one you currently have.

The different types of cases are:

1. Damage report, janitor, cleaning 

Choose this for all cases regarding maintenance or repairs in your room or apartment, and questions regarding your residence. You also use this if you have lost your keys and need new ones.

The most used categories are: 

Error report: Anything that the janitor needs to take care of must be sent here; from repairs and maintenance to any questions you have.

Lost key: If you have lost or damaged your key, use this to order new ones. 

Cleaning: Any questions regarding the cleaning in your room is sent here.

Vermin: If you suspect you have vermin in your residence, use this one.

Check-out inspection: If you are moving out and want a walk-through of your room together with our cleaning department, you can use this one.

2. Invoice.

Choose this for all cases regarding invoices for rent related to your contract.

3. Administration, tenancy agreement.

Choose this for all cases regarding your contract and your stay with us, i.e. question about picking up and handing in your keys, tenancy agreement and termination, sublease, parking and storage.

The most used categories are:

Storage space: Use this if you want access to storage space. If there is any issues with the storage space you already have, you must send the case to the janitor.

Authorization for key pick-up: If anybody else is picking up your keys for you, choose this. Remember to include the name of the person.

Parking: If you need approval for parking by your residence, choose this. More information regarding parking is found here.

Termination of lease questions: If you have questions about termination your lease, or you want to apply for a shorter termination period, send your case here.

Lost laundry card: If you have lost your laundry card and need to block it, send a case here. You can also use this if you need username and password for your laundry account.

Sublease: Use this to send in your sublease application or if you have any questions regarding sublease.

Complaints: If you have any complaints regarding your neighboors or your contract, please send them here.

Other inquiries: If you have other questions that don't fit into one of these categories, you can send them here.