Brand new at Frydenbø!

From the 1st of January you can move into a brand new student home on Frydenbø.

The homes are in various sizes. They are modernly refurbished with tiled bathrooms and neutral colors.

Frydenbø will have two nice common rooms, a modern laundry, two common balconies and a small park right outside.

Bachelor apartment 15,3 sqm: 4932,- + electricity 375,-
Bachelor apartment 17,5 sqm: 4932,- + electricity 375,-
HC bachelor apartment 16,1 sqm: 4932,- + electricity 375,-
HC apartment 27,8 sqm: 7831,- + electricity 425,-
Apartment 26,6 sqm: 7831,- + electricity 425,-

Contact for floor plans and more information.