Are you in quarantine?

Updated August 14th.

If you are quarantined due to travel you will find updated information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health here.

f you are in quarantine you can
- As a rule, you should not visit public places like shops and cafes. If there is no alternative, you may go out to carry out a necessary errand to the supermarket or pharmacy, but ensure that you keep a distance (at least 1 metre) from other people and avoid queues.
- Go for a walk, but keep at least 1 meters distance to others.

You cannot
- Use any form of public transportation.
- Go to school or work
- Visit others or have people visit you.

If you stay with Sammen you can
- Use the shared kitchen if you have one.
- Use the bathroom even though you share with others.

You cannot
- Use the common area
- Use the laundry
- Visit other apartments or shared kitchens.
- Have people staying with you that are quarantined or must quarantine, regardless of whether or not you are quarantined yourself.
- We ask that you do not visit Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter unless it is absolutely necessary, and if so please wait outside and use the doorbell.

If you need anything for washing your clothes, you can send an email to

We remind you that there are supermarkets and pharmacies that delivers to you, and both Ikea and Clas Olhson has an online store if you need anything else for your apartment. Some examples are:

Apotek 1
Clas Ohlson

If you need help with anything or you have any questions, please email us at