Moving out?

What you need to do when moving out

Termination of tenancy

You will find the terms for termination in § 2 of your Tenancy Agreement. The termination must be registered on My Page. If you plan to terminate your agreement/move out in August certain conditions apply.

Cleaning your student home

When the rental period has expired we expect you to deliver the property with accessories back to us cleaned and in the same condition as when it was acquired. The Cleaning Department will contact you before you move out in order to arrange a check of your room. If you are not contacted within 1 to 2 weeks before your contract expires, you have to contact them. Remember to bring all you belongings. Also remember to empty and clean your stall.


On the day of moving out, the keys and laundry card must be returned to the Student Centre before 12 pm (Monday - Friday). Note that rent will be charged untill we have received the keys, in addition to an administration fee of 500,- for late delivery. The keys kan be returned to Sammen Training at the Student Centre during their opening hours, as long as it does not exceed the end date of the contract. If you have problems returning the keys at the Student Centre, you may drop them and the laundry card at the post box at Fantoft, between the two main doors into the administration building, just across from Klubb Fantoft. Please make sure to return the keys and laundry card in an envelope marked with your name and room-number.

If you have any other questions concerning the return of keys, please us.


The deposit will be returned to your bank account within approx. 4-6 weeks. Make sure that you provide us with the correct bank information in order to avoid further delay. For questions concerning the deposit, please contact us.

Get equipment

The router and the cable you use to access the broadband are Get’s property and are not to be removed. If you take this with you when you move out we will, unfortunately, have to deduct 1000 NOK from your deposit.

Customer survey

Sammen Housing wishes to provide our students with the best housing possible, and therefore we hope that you will answer a few question concerning your stay with us (see link below). The survey will take aprox. 2 minutes. Thank you for your help!

We hope you had a great time staying with us!