More information about bedbugs

Information regarding the procedures after discovering bedbugs.

Bedbugs have in recent years become a major international problem, due to extensive travel and bedbugs having become resistant to existing treatment/toxins. Unfortunately, still more and more people are experiencing this problem and are involuntarily taking bedbugs with them into our houses. Sammen Housing has therefore decided to take the cost of the treatment, change of bed and subsequent follow-up.

Residents will be responsible for and must assist with the following:

  • Pack their belongings and put it in our freezer.
  • Wash clothes sufficient for a week.

Compensation in form of reduced rent or for use of the laundry will not be given.

Sammen housing, in collaboration with Anticimex, have full attention on this issue and have developed methods and procedures to keep the problem at the lowest possible level in our houses. We conduct inspections of all rooms at Fantoft twice a year, including inspections of empty rooms when tenants move out during summer and Christmas.

It is very difficult to find bedbugs in empty rooms. The bugs are very small and hiding in cracks and other places we can not reach. They capsules themselves in and can survive up to one year without food.

Sammen, in cooperation with Anticimex, is always open to new treatments. We have invested in a freezer room and have regular routines and follow-up treatment. We also cooperate with other welfare organizations, the City of Bergen and Norwegian health authorities to try to reduce if not eliminate the problem. To achieve this, we rely on your help.

What you as a resident has to be aware of:

  • When moving out: throw belongings that you do not want to bring in the container, not in corridors and stairways.
  • Think twice before accepting furniture, bedding, etc. others throw or give away.
  • If you have been traveling and suspect that it may have been bedbugs there, please contact us to put your belongings in the freezer before taking them to your residence.
  • Not everyone reacts to the stings of bedbugs, so it is important that you notify us if you see insects in your home.
  • Bedbugs are not harmful, but some people are more allergic than others. Please contact a pharmacist or a doctor for advice on what to do.
  • When treating a room, it is important that you contact us if you would like more information about your treatment.

Read more about bedbugs and other bugs at Norwegian Insitute of Public Health.