Further information about vermin

What you need to be aware of as a tenant:

  • When you move out, dispose of possessions you no longer want in the container, do not leave them in halls or stairways.
  • Be careful with accepting second hand furniture, bedclothes, and other items from others as they may have had a vermin infestation in their room.
  • If you have been away and suspect you might have been subjected to vermin, please contact us and have your belongings frozen before bringing them to your
  • Not everyone reacts to stings from bugs, so it is important you report sightings of insects in your student home to us.
  • Bugs are not hazardous to your health, but some people are more allergic than others. Contact pharmacy or physician for tips on which measures to take.
  • If your room is being treated, please contact us for further information about the treatment.

When reporting a vermin infestation:

  1. Our cleaning department contacts the pest control firm Anticimex immediately.
  2. Anticimex will carry out an inspection of your home. If you are present during the inspection, they will be able to provide information and answer questions.
  3. The cleaning department will provide information and assist you with inspection and follow-up. We will start with a heat/steam treatment of your bed and the surrounding area. The bed must be placed at least 30 cm away from the wall during the treatment.
  4. Anticimex will arrive as soon as possible, normally within 1–2 working days. 

Measures for you to take:

  • Pack all your clothes, duvets, pillows, and blankets in suitcases, bags, or bin bags, label them with your room number and name, and bring them to the freezer room for treatment. You do not need to bring books, ornaments etc.
    NB: You need to keep clothes for a week’s use. These must be washed at 60 degrees. Clothes that you need that cannot be washed at 60 degrees, must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned at 40 degrees. We recommend tumble drying.
  • Your bed/mattress base will be kept for freezing and you will receive a new one.
  • We will lend you a duvet and pillow, and you will receive disposable bed clothes.
  • It is important that you clean the floor before treatment.
  • Every item for freeze treatment is delivered at the freezer room at the entrance of the E-block at the same day Anticimex is treating your home. You may pick up your belongings after approximately a week.

Concerning the treatment:

  • In most cases, two treatments are sufficient, but this depends on how long there have been bugs in your room. It is vital the Cleaning Department is notified immediately when bugs are discovered to start treatment as soon as possible, as this will produce the best and most efficient results.
  • Anticimex use the chemical “Stingray ME” which contains alcoholetoxylate/alpha-cypermetrin. After your home has been treated, you ned to keep away for the first four hours. You may clean and hoover, but do not clean close to the moulding/door and window frames the first two weeks.
  • After the first treatment, bugs may still appear. These will be subjected to the chemical and eventually die.
  • Anticimex will carry out a follow-up inspection after approximately 4 weeks (where they use Stingray ME) and another inspection after approximately 12 weeks. If required, we will freeze your clothing and bed again after 4 weeks, and the cleaning procedure will be repeated.

First treatment

  1. Bed and belongings will receive freezing treatment.
  2. The room is hoovered and treated with ice and Stingray ME.
  3. A new bed with tape around the feet is placed in your room. The bed must be placed 30 cm from the wall for four weeks.

Second treatment after 4 weeks


  1. No findings: The room is sprayed with Stingray ME.
  2. Findings: New treatment and belongings and bed goes to the freezer room.

Third treatment/inspection after 12 weeks


  1. No findings: Treatment completed.
  2. Findings: New treatment.

Sammen Cleaning will notify you about the 2nd and 3rd treatment via e-mail a couple of days in advance.

As a tenant you will not be charged anything. Sammen Renhold pays all the costs for Anticimex, freezing, new bed, and new bed clothes.

There is no compensation like for instance reduced rent of the use of laundry facilities. 

Read more about bedbugs and other vermin at Norwegian Insitute of Public Health.