Internet tips

If the internet does not work, the first thing you should try to do is delete your browser history and restart your router. Here you will also find good tips if you the fire course does not appear.

1. The GET router transmits wireless at two bands with different frequencies and advantages. Make your choice before connecting, which is then indicated by the light in front.

Blue light: Indicates that the router is set to 2,4 Ghz.

Advantage: longest range and supported by older units. If you experience that your connection is unstable, you should switch to 5 Ghz providing your units support it.

Green light: Indicates that the router is set to 5 Ghz.

Advantage: maximum speed and least interference from other networks. If your unit is unable to find this network, it most likely does not support the unit you are trying to connect.

To switchruter.jpg between modes, press the button in front of the router and hold for 5 seconds and wait while the unit restarts (this may take a couple of minutes).

2. Changing the name and password of the wireless network in your residence is quite simple. Make sure you are connected to the network and then go to http://mediarouter.home/. The default password for logging in to the router is:

Username: admin
Password: @admin

Pålogging get.jpg

You will be asked to change these the first time you log in.

When you are logged in to your router, select “Start Setup” under WiFi router then follow the steps to change login information.

3. It is possible to reset your router should you wish to do so. This might be the case if for instance you do not find your wireless network or if your selected settings do not function as required. The reset button is placed on the right side of your router.

Use ruter2.jpga slim item like the tip of a pen, press the button and hold for 15 seconds until you see a flashing red light.

Problems with the internet

If you experience any problems with your broadband, please control the following:

  1. If you are directed to the Huawei-page (http://mediarouter.home/) when you try to connect to the Internet, there is something wrong with the connection between the router and GET’s network. Try all the steps below before contacting customer service.
  2. Control that the network cable is properly connected to the wall outlet. Also make sure that the router is firmly connected to the power socket.
  3. A green or blue light should be visible. If there is a red light or no light at all, try the reset button (see step 3 above).
  4. If you suspect there is something wrong with your router, you may connect the network cable directly to your computer. If you still have no Internet connection, please contact GET customer service.
  5. If there is no router in your residence or the router is broken, you may visit GET customer centre in Kronstadparken to have it replaced (Fjøsangerveien 50 B, 5059 Bergen). The router is your responsibility during your period of residence.

GET contact information   

Tel. 55 53 01 30 (important to press 2 to talk to Bergen) or