Internet tips

Are you having problems connecting to the internet in your accommodation? Read this!

1. The Get router supports wireless over two frequencies with different advantages and abilities. They must be preselected individually in advance, and the light on the front of the unit indicates from what frequency the unit transmits.

Blue light: this indicates the unit is transmitting 2.4 Ghz. 
Advantages: this frequency has the longest range and older units support it. If you are experiencing instabilities using this frequency, you should change it to 5 Ghz if your units are capable.

Green light: this indicates the unit is transmitting 5 Ghz.
Advantages: this frequency has the highest possible connection speed, and receives the least interference from other signals. If your unit does not find the network when transmitting 5 Ghz, it is most likely not supported by the unit you are trying to connect.

To change between the different frequencies you have to press the button on the front of the router. Press and hold it in for 5 seconds and wait until the unit restarts (this may take several minutes).

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ou may easily change the name and password for the wireless network in your accommodation. Make sure that you connect to the network and visit http://mediarouter.home/. Use the default username and password to login:

Username: admin 
Password: @admin

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You may change the default login details the first time you login.

When you login to the router, select the “Start Setup” option in the WiFi router menu. Follow the steps to change the WiFi details on the router.

3. You may want to reset the router back to its default settings. If you are unable to find the wireless network, or the settings you have chosen are not working as you intended. On the right side of the router you find the reset button.

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Use a thin object, like the tip of a pen, and press the button for 15 seconds until the router starts blinking red. Wait while the router restarts (this may take a couple of minutes).


If you are experiencing any issues regarding your connection, please follow the steps below.

  1. If you are sent to the Huawei – login site (http://mediarouter.home/) when attempting to access the internet, something may be wrong with the connection between the router and the Get network. Follow all the steps before consulting customer support.
  2. Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected in both the network socket and the Get router. Ensure that it’s properly fit in both ends. The router should also be properly connected in the power socket.
  3. The light on the router should be either green or blue. If the router is lit red or if it is not lit at all, try using the reset button (see step 3 above).
  4. If you suspect something is wrong with your router, connect the Ethernet cable directly into your computer. If you still are unable to connect to the internet, please contact customer support.
  5. If the router is missing when you move in, or if it has been damaged, you may visit our service center to get it replaced (address: Fjøsangerveien 50B, 5059 Bergen). You are responsible for the router as long as you stay in your SiB accommodation.

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