Housing guarantee

International Students with a housing guarantee.
International Students with a housing guarantee

The following students are guaranteed a single room in a student home, provided that you apply for a room within the deadline:

  • Exchange students (certain conditions apply for NHH students. Please contact NHH for more information).
  • Self-financed Master degree students
  • Students in other collaboration programs with a minimum duration of one semester
  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration, NHH

If you are an international student with a housing guarantee, you are guaranteed a student home provided you follow these instructions:

Apply within the given deadline

You will receive a message from your place of study which contains a personal reservation code to be used when applying for a room. Use this code when you register and apply for a room.

Note! If you do not use this code when applying, you will not be guaranteed a room.

You may choose among all the different housing alternatives and select three preferred options. We will try to to meet your request, but will allocate according to availability if preferred options are not available.

Student Housing for disabled
We can offer specially adapted student housing for the disabled students. These can be found in Damsgårdsveien, Gyldenpris and Grønneviksøren student hostels.

Autumn semester
Application period: 1st of April - 15th of May
Application deadline: 15th of May

Spring semester
Application period: 1st of October - 1st of November
Application deadline: 1st of November

Accept the offer for a room within the deadline

If you do not accept the offer within the deadline given in the agreement, the offer will be cancelled. The signed agreement can be returned by e-mail. Please note that if you use postal sevices the agreement may reach us too late.

Pay the deposit after receiving the contract and within the given deadline

Autumn semester: 15th of June
Spring semester: 1st of December

We recommend that you pay the deposit directly from My Page by Visa or Mastercard. By using this option you will receive an immediate confirmation that the deposit has been paid. You may also transfer money to our bank, but we do not recommend this option, as it will delay the deposit process and result in us receiving the deposit too late. If you wish to use this option the bank details are as follows:

Our name: SiB Studentboligene
Our address: Student Centre, Parkveien 1. 5007 Bergen, Norway

Name of bank:
Postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo
IBAN: NO5852050622886

Note! State your customer number (you can find it on top of the right hand side of the agreement).

Please note that if you do not apply for accomodation or pay the deposit within the given deadlines, your offer for a room will be cancelled.

View the different student houses

Other international students who are not in any of the categories listed above are not guaranteed a room accommodation. The deadline for applications for the autumn semester is the 31st of May. 

Cancellation of the housing offer

If you wish to cancel the offer for a room you may do so before a given date, and the deposit will be returned to you. If you cancel the offer after this date, we will treat it as an ordinary termination period.

Autumn semester: 15th of July
Spring semester: 15th of December