Fire prevention course Q&A

Frequently asked questions about the fire course

Q1: I’m not able to access the fire course – nothing shows up on the screen?

A1.1: Write the address of a webpage of your choice in the address line in your webbrowser, e.g.

A1.2: If the answer in A1.1 doesn’t work – try to empty the webbrowsing history (cache) in you webbrowser.

A1.3: Still not working? Try another webbrowser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari).

A1.4: Still not working? Try to connect the cable from the router directly into your computer and repeat step A1.1.

Q2: I only get a webpage that looks like I’m logged into something, but cannot go further to the fire course?

A2.1: In the menu at the left side of this page, click on the “Logg ut”-link. You should then be re authenticated and sent to the fire course.

Q3: I have passed the fire course, pulled the power of the router, waited at least 2 minutes after restarting the router before I tried to reconnect, but still no internet access?

A3.1: Try to pull out the router again and wait 1 minute before reconnecting the power again, then wait 2 minutes before testing the Internet access again.

A3.2: You can try to refresh the router. To do this you need a pen that you can use to push the reset button located on the side of the router while it is connected to the power. The button should be presed for 10 sec until the light in the front of the router starts flashing red. Leave the router for approximately 3 min in order for it to reload it’s settings. Then try to access the Internet again.

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