Fire prevention course

Avoid unnecessary emergency reactions from the fire service.

Our student houses are protected by one of the best fire alarm systems available. Regrettably this results in the activating of the fire alarm system much too often because of excessive frying. The fire brigade must therefore react and turn out to reset the alarm.

In most of our student houses we have installed a system which allows the residents to reset the alarm themselves in the event that it is accidentally activated.

How the system works 
A control panel has been installed. In the event of a false alarm the tenant can avoid that the fire service turns out by:

  1. Go to the control panel and press the red button (hold the button in for three seconds).
  2. Ventilate the apartment.
  3. Press the green button on the control panel within seven minutes (hold the button in for three seconds).

We have in cooperation with Teknisk Industrivern AS prepared a short fire prevention course that all tenants must complete. The course is obligatory (as laid down by § 1in the tenancy agreement) and tenants who do not complete the course risk having to cover the costs for the fire brigade turning out after a false alarm. We have not installed control panels in Fantoft C/D-block, but we still recommend all tenants to take the course. On completion of the course you will be capable of avoiding that the fire service turns out unnecessarily, increase fire safety and reduce the nuisance of false alarms.

And remember: in the event of a real fire, the fire brigade will turn out just as they have done previously.