FAQ Sammen student housing

We have gathered our most frequently asked questions here.

Application process / contract

I have applied for housing, when will I receive an answer, and what is the chance of getting housing?
We start the allocation immediately after the deadline has expired. We allocate continuously throughout the summer as people cancel. It is difficult to say anything about the chance of getting housing, but it's important that you respond to the emails we send out once a week. We allocate to the youngest students and after application date. It's never too late to apply.

I have registered an interest in vacant housing by e-mail, do I get the room I want?
Every Monday, we send out an email to our list of applicants with an overview of available housing. Even if you have responded to this email, you are not guaranteed housing. There are very many people receiveing this email. So you are not secured housing until you have received and signed a contract from us.

Is my application registered?
If your application is active on My page under "apply for housing", it is registered with us. Unfortunately, you will not receive an email confirmation that the application is received.

Can I see which housing are available?
Unfortunately, we do not have a list of available housing, but we send an email to our list of applicants every Monday where we write what we have available as of today and ask if you are still interested in housing.

I don't know whether I'm going to study in Bergen or not, can I cancel the contract if not?
If you are allocated housing with us and it turns out that you are not going to study in Bergen anyway, notify us at bolig@sammen.no with documentation by 23rd of July. 

Moving in

Can someone else pick up the keys for me?
Yes, but register a case from My page in advance with the name of the person who will collects the keys.

My apartment is dirty/there is something wrong with it
Should there be something wrong with your home when you move in, this must be reported to the caretaker or to the cleaning department. Please register a case from My page.

Moving out

Can Sammen clean my accommodation if I pay for it?
Unfortunately, Sammen does not offer cleaning for students. If someone does not clean when moving out, we will hire a cleaning company and invoice the person for the work.


I lost my key/forgot the key at home - what do I do?
Contact one of our service centers or register a case to the janitor from My Page.

What is the difference between cancellation and termination?
You can cancel the contract free of charge and without reason within 14 days of signing the contract. This is a cancellation period. Termination takes effect after this and then you have a 3-month termination period from the start of the contract, and a 3-month notice period, calculated from the first of the following month, after this.

Can you/I remove furniture from the room I have been assigned?
Unfortunately, Sammen does not have storage space for this furniture. If you take them out of your home, you must keep them in a safe place (at your own risk) and put them back when you move out.

Can I change housing?
We do not offer internal transfer in August, but the rest of the year you have the opportunity to do so, as long as there is something available. Read more about internal transfer here.