FAQ deposit

Questions and answers concerning refund of your deposit

Question: When will my deposit be refunded?
Answer: The deposit will normally be refunded within 4-6 weeks after the expiration of the contract. Please note that in the summer, the capacity in the economy department is reduced.

Question: How will the deposit be refunded?
Answer: The deposit will be transferred to your bank account. To ensure that the transferral takes place as soon as possible, we need the following information:

  • If you have a Norwegian bank account, please register it on My Page when terminating the lease. 
  • If you have a foreign bank account in the IBAN area (1) we need:
    - Bank SWIFT code
    - Your IBAN
    - Account holders name
  • If you have a foreign bank account outside the IBAN area (2):
    Please contact your bank to ask what you need to recive an international transfer from Norway. We need as much information about the account, the account holder and the bank as possible.

Note! There must be consistency between the account number and account holder, otherwise the bank will reject the transfer.

(1) Europe
(2) e.g Canada, USA, Australia, some Asian countries, Africa, parts of Eastern-Europe and some South-American countries (except Brazil).

Question: Can I use the deposit to pay the last invoice?
Answer: No, your deposit will be returned 4-6 weeks after the end date of your contract, provided your check-out inspection has been approved and you have no unpaid invoices on My Page. Remember to ensure that your Bank information at My Page is updated.

Question: Why is the amount I received less than the amount I paid before moving in?
Answer: 1. Due to bank fees when paying the deposit, the amount you receive can differ from what you paid. Any bank fees that occur when you pay the deposit has to be covered by you. The bank fees connected to the refund of the deposit are covered by Sammen.

2. If you pay the deposit in foreign currency the amount credited to you depends on the exchange rate on that specific day. The same goes when refunding the deposit.

3. Over a period of 1-3 years changes in exchange rates mean that the converted amount (eg. In EUR, USD or GBP) differs from what you paid originally. Please note that Sammen does not cover differences in your deposit amount due to these currency changes.