Do you plan to move out in August?

Due to heavy pressure on the housing market in August, Sammen Housing offers the following if you wish to terminate your lease and move out during August:

If the termination is registered and you plan to move out during the following period: 1st - 31st of August, Sammen Housing will set aside the termination period for the days in August. This applies to the days following the return of the keys up until the end of the contract.

The following conditions apply:

1. The offer is only valid following a written application to, and a written answer has been given. The application must be sent to Sammen by the 15th of August, this also applies if you plan to move out between the 15th - 31st of August.

2. If Sammen is not able to let the room, the student is obliged to pay rent until such time as a new contract for the room has been signed.