Contact Sammen Housing

Useful contact information.

At times there may be long queues when calling us by phone - we apologize for this! In such case we recommend you to send us an e-mail instead, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Reception - visiting address

Student Centre
Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen 

Sales- and marketing departement

Questions concerning housing?
Phone: 55 27 60 04/05

Cleaning departement

Question concerning cleaning of your room?
Phone: 55 27 60 43

Economy department

Questions concerning invoice for rent, deposit, deferment of payment?
Phone: 55 27 60 07/06

Damage report/janitor

Damage or errors in your room must be reported to the janitor by register a case on My Page here.

Postal address administration

Fantoftveien 14
5075 Bergen

Sammen switchboard

Phone: 55 54 50 00

For help in case of an emergency outside office hours, please contact Securitas at telephone number 22 88 14 79.