Contact Sammen Housing

Click here for opening hours for Sammen Information at the Student center and Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter. 

Due to the current situation with the corona-outbreak we have closed Sammen Information desk at the Studentsenter. All keys must be picked up and handed in at Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter at Fantofthallen. If you are handing in your keys, you can also use the drop-box outside the mailhouse  at Fantoft.

Please note that our respond time might be longer than usual, and we will prioritize urgent matters.

Sammen Fantoft Service center
Everyone who lives at our student housing will get help with their housing-related questions at the service center at Sammen Fantoft. Here you can also pick up and deliver keys.

Tel. (+47) 55 54 50 00
Fantofveien 14i, 5075 Bergen
E-mail: ammen Housing Administration
The administration is located at Fantoft. Unfortunately we do not have a visit address, but register an case at My Page if you live with us. If you are not a resident feel free to contact us at We answer questions about your contract, the allocation and other inqieries related to our homes. You will also find us on Facebook.
Tel. 55 54 50 00

If you experience errors or problems in your home, please register a case from My Page.

Sammen Cleaning
If you have any questions about the cleaning of your home or pest, you have to register a case on My Page.
Tel. 55 27 60 43

Sammen Economy
If you have any questions about your rent or the deposit, please register a case from My Page. If you have received a bill from one of our partners (eg BKK, Get) you have to contact them directly.

Sammen Housing postal adress
Sammen Informasjon
Parkveien 1 
5007 Bergen

For help in case of an emergency outside office hours, please contact Securitas at telephone number 22 88 14 79.