Brann Stadion Student housing

Brann Stadion Studentboliger [Room nr] 
Kniksens plass 4, 6, 8 or 10 
5063 Bergen

See Skyss' Travel Planner to see how to get here.

Bicycle parking can be found in the bicycle storage to the left of the entrance at Kniksens plass 4. Bicycles must be marked with a valid sticker which can be found at your servicesenter. The sticker is valid for one year at a time and must be renewed every year, this is to have control over which bicycles are left behind and which bicycles are in use. Unmarked bicycles are removed.

Common area
Sammen Cleaning will clean the stairs and corridors.

Common room
The common room is located in the first floor in Kniksens plass 8, with sofas, table tennis, beer pong, fussball, a big common kitchen, books, board games, wifi and TV. This can be used by all residents. The bookshelves in the common room are meant as "take one - leave one", so if you have any books you want to get rid of, you can place them here or take one you want to read. The common room is open until 23.00 on Sunday to Thursday, and at 24.00 on Friday and Saturday. 

Guests look up your room number on the outside display and dial. Then it will ring on your mobile phone (the phone number you have registered on My Page) and you can open the door by pressing 5.

The electricity is charged together with the rent.

Residual waste is thrown in the garbage shafts along the building. Paper/cardboard and clean plastic in shafts placed at the corner of the building facing the out doors soccer field. All shafts will open with your tag. Find your nearest glas and metal recycling station here.

The laundry is located at the 0. floor in Kniksens plass 4 next to the storage rooms. The laundry has automatic soap dispensing. If you are allergic, you can choose not to use this soap and add a wash ball with your own detergent. Read more about laundries here.

In addition to washing machines there is an iron and ironing board you can use inside the room.

The mailboxes are located at every entrance and can be opened with your tag. It's only your own mailbox that will open when you place the tag at the reader.

Unfortunately we do not offer parking at Brann Stadion. Contact us if you need HC parking.

Hanging up pictures/posters etc are only allowed from the list by the ceiling.

Storage room
Register a case under “storage” on My Page and we will assign you one, as long as there is one vacant. Please note that there are only a limited number of storages.

You will be notified of where you have been allocated a storage in addition to a shelf number. It is important that you only use the shelf with this number on. The storage in U1-12 are at the end of the bicycle shed. The storage in U1-14 are located by the laundry.

Two persons share one booth. The booth must be marked with name, room number and current semester. It is not recommended to store valuable items in the storage, as storage is at your own risk. The booth must be emptied when you move out.

TU (tenants union)
TU at Brann Stadion Student housing can be contacted at TU has the main responsibility for the common room, helps residents, has close contact with Sammen and arranges various parties/events for everyone in the building. Brann Stadion Student housing also has its own Facebook group for all residents.

Vacuum cleaners
TU has vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment available for everyone to use located in the bathroom at the common room. To borrow equipment, simply fill in the form with your name and how long you are borrowing the equipment.

Ventilation and heat
On the panel on the wall above the fire alarm you can set the desired temperature and fan power in your room. This is not an air conditioner, so you will not be able to get it colder inside than it is outside, but you will be able to get more air. When it comes to the radiators, these are controlled by Sammen and are completely switched off in the summer. When it gets colder outside we turn them on and you will then be able to set the temperature. For the heating in the bathroom to work, the switch inside the bathroom must be turned on. The temperature is controlled by Sammen.

All windows towards the football field can only be opened at the top for safety reasons. The window is not an escape route. To increase the amount of fresh air you adjust the ventilation at the control panel on the wall.

Other information about Brann Stadion Student homes
On match days/days with events there will be a lot of people and activity in the area, as well as music and loud audience, both before, during and after the match. Windows facing the field will be screened with a canvas or banner to prevent visible access in to the student accommodations. Brann can also take such measures during certain football trainings.

Windows must be closed due to possibility of smoke and noise from the match/event. The fire alarm system is sensitive and can be triggered in connection with smoke from pyro effects. Representatives of Brann are given access to lock themselves into rooms where the fire alarm/warning is triggered. Brann has guards stationed around the stadium and is empowered under to intervene in the event of interference and abuse of alarms.

Brann will remove any garbage from spectators, outside the stadium, after the match/event. Residents must not profile other football teams from windows and facades at Brann Stadion.

On match days, SK Brann will occupy half of the common room (the part with the table tennis). The partition is closed so that it does not interfere with other activity in the common room.