5 good reasons to choose Sammen Housing

Are you going to study and need a place to live? The student welfare organization (Sammen) offers affordable housing to all students over the age of 18 who study at an educational institution affiliated with Sammen.

Here are 5 good reasons to why you should choose Sammen Housing:

1. Varied
Sammen Housing has a varied selection of housing types. Whether you want to live alone, with friends, in couples, or with family, we have something for everyone. In addition, some of the housings are furnished, while others are not. There is also a great variation in terms of location (see point five).

2. Affordable
Sammen Housing offers competitive prices affordable for students. All profit will always go back to the students. A one room apartment of 17 square meters costs an average of 4.935 NOK if you live with us. Compared with figures from hybel.no, where a one room apartment had an average price of 9.150 NOK in 2021, you will save 50.580 NOK in 12 months by living with us. In addition, most homes have a fixed price for electricity, which is both cheap and safe.

3. Safe
Not only is it varied and affordable to stay at Sammen Housing, but it is also safe. With us, you are guaranteed a stable and professional landlord. All tenants must sign a contract and pay a deposit, which is safe for both you and us. In all housing there is a janitor available who can help you if there is anything wrong. The janitor can easily be contacted through "My Page". And if you have an urgent problem outside our opening hours, you can contact Securitas. As mentioned, there is a fixed price for electricity in most homes, which is not only cheap, but also safe and predictable. With us, you will always be well taken care of as a tenant.

4. Social
One of the many benefits of living with us is the social environment. Students who are in exactly the same situation as you live in our homes. This lowers the threshold for getting to know new people. In addition, most student housing has a common room that is open to everyone. All our large student housing has a tenant's union (TU) which consists of voluntary and committed residents who work to ensure that everyone is having a good time and being as social as possible. They are responsible for arranging parties and other social gatherings, and for ensuring that the common rooms are in good condition.

5. Central
Sammen Housing has housing throughout Bergen. No matter what university you go to, you will find a place to live nearby. Everywhere from the city center to Fantoft and Hatleberg. The homes are also close to public transportation so you can move around Bergen easily. In other words, we offer something for everyone.

Read more about practical information regarding the application process here.