Sammen Health Fund

If you have had large expenses due to health reasons you can apply for a refund

Sammen contributes with support on medical expenses in the following treatments. Note that the expenses can't be older than six months.

Read more about the guidelines for Sammen Health Fund here.

Expenses for psychologists: 
Psychological treatment under HELFOS' self-sufficiency limit 1 is refundable. This applies to treatment by psychologist specialists who have an agreement with the municipality and treatment at DPS (District Psychiatric Center). Expenses are covered from the first NOK to the deduction limit. Expenses must be documented with HELFO receipt.

Expenses related to accidents or dental damages: 
Sammen Health Fund will cover the repair of teeth that are damaged due to accidents. We cover 50% of the expenses, after the reimbursement from the government or insurance has been deducted. There is a limit of approved expenses of NOK 40,000 and the maximum amount of support will be NOK 20,000.      

Expenses for transportation: 
Sammen reimburses 50 % of your expenses when an injury or illness prevent you from using public transportation. If an injury prevents you from getting home and to your place of study by public transport, you may apply for financial support for transportation to attend lectures or exams. The aid applies to 1 round trip per day. Traveling on a weekend is not eligible. Support is given for a period of maximum four weeks. Of the approved expenses, a deduction of 50% is calculated. The need for transportation must be documented by a doctor, and be enclosed in the application.