Expenses for physiotherapist

Sammen reimburses your physiotherapist expenses exceeding NOK 500 in 2017 providing the following points are fulfilled:

Approved expenses:

  • Only physiotherapists with a municipal operating subsidy are covered. You will find a list of approved physiotherapists at Bergen Municipality. Please note that physiotherapist centres on this list may have joined up with physiotherapists without a municipal agreement.
  • Ensuring that your physiotherapist has an expense reimbursement agreement is your own responsibility.
  • Treatment in Norway only is covered.
  • Sammen do not cover public services or payments you may claim from insurance companies or others.

New rules apply to expences in 2018.

Patient’s charge:

Patient’s charge is NOK 500

Covered up to limit 2 of patient’s charge

OBS: If you claim reimbursement for medical expenses from both your physician and your physiotherapist, the reimbursement arrangement applies separately to each, i.e. NOK 1000 altogether.