Sammen Health Fund

If your expenses for medical treatment by a physician or physiotherapist exceeded NOK 500 in 2017, you can ask to have your expences reimbursed. New rules apply to reimursements from 2018.

How do you claim your reimbursement?

Make a printout of your medical expenses at, providing you have an ID number and access to If you do not have an ID number, enclose your receipts from your physician/physiotherapist/dentist (see below for information concerning which expenses are covered and which are not).

Enclose a copy of a valid semester card.

Further details on how to claim your expenses from 2017:

  • Download and fill in the form.
  • If you have an ID number in Norway, make a printout of your expenses at Select the tab «egenandeler». Please note that the printout must contain your personal details. If you claim a reimbursement for physiotherapy, you need to enclose receipts from a physiotherapist with a municipal agreement. (If you do not have a ID number in Norway, you need to enclose receipts from your doctor/physiotherapist/ dentist appointments.)
  • Enclose a copy of a valid semester card for the autumn term. (Valid documentation includes semester card, a transcript of marks, or a screen shot of a student card in your app.)
  • Send your form and all enclosures to or deliver them at the information desk at the Student Centre: Sammen Helsefond, Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen.
  • The closing date for the calendar year 2017, is 15 February 2018.
  • If your claim is accepted, the excess amount will be paid directly to your bank account within 2–15 weeks after we receive your claim. (You need to check your account as we do not give a reply in writing.) If your claim is denied, you will receive a reply in writing. Note: We are only able to pay out amounts exceeding NOK 300 to foreign banks. If you are due a sum below NOK 300, we recommend you use a Norwegian bank account number (you might for instance give a Norwegian friend’s account number.)

Please note that you may only claim reimbursement once a year.


What Sammen covers:

Sammen covers your expenses exceeding NOK 500 and up to the limit of patient’s charge if you:  

  • have documented expenses from a municipal doctor (GP or emergency room)
  • have documented expenses from a physiotherapist with a municipal agreement
  • have documented expenses concerning dental damages caused by an accident
  • have documented expenses for transportation due to an injury that would otherwise prevent you from getting to school

Below you find more information concerning what Helsefond covers: