Our psychologists at Sammen's Mental Health Care Centre (SPH) offers counselling and therapy.

Sammen’s Mental Health Care Centre (SPH) is run by the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (Sammen). All students who have paid Sammen’s semester fee may use our services free of charge. A referral from a physician is not required. You may contact us directly by phone or at our offices in the Student Centre to schedule an appointment. The time it takes to get an appointment varies throughout the school term.

SPH offers short-term treatment for different types and degrees of psychological problems. Treatment in one of our groups allows counselling over a somewhat longer period. If individual counselling over time is needed or requested, a private psychologist/psychiatrist or, in some cases, a public clinic should be contacted.
All staff at SPH are bound by professional secrecy. Information revealed in your contact with SPH cannot be imparted to others without permission.
At SPH you will meet psychologists and administrative staff. A psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse also hold part-time positions at the centre.
Appointments: +47 55545145 (1000–1400).
You can also inquire at the counter on the 3rd floor of the Student Centre.
Adress: Studentsenteret, Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen
Emergency cases
SPH does not offer a separate emergency service. If your condition requires a quick assessment, please contact your regular GP, Bergen Emergency Clinic (+47 55568760) or Livskrisehjelpen (The Life Crisis Service, +47 55568754) in the same building. The emergency clinic is located in Soheimsgaten 9. For more information visit