Our psychologist tips on how to deal with your new everyday

Today’s situation is tough for a lot of our students. The way of socializing is different, and perhaps less of, the financial situation is difficult for many, and you must find new ways to do your planned schoolwork.

These sudden changes affect each student differently, and our psychologists have come up with some advice that might be useful for many. 

  • Be active
    Go for a walk, find a new dish to make, read books, have an alternative workout in your living room.  


  • Establish routines and make a schedule for your day
    Structure is important when many of the regular points in your schedule is absent. Have a reasonable goal for what you want to get done throughout the day, it takes time to get used to new routines. 

  • Stay in touch with your fellow students
    Use digital tools to stay in touch with those your normally work and socialize with. Share your experiences on how you work, solve tasks and what you find challenging. These can help motivate you and is a great social arena. A good idea might be setting regular meeting times. 

  • Don’t spend too much time on corona-updates. 
    This can draw your attention away from your scheduled tasks. Keep your focus on things you can do something with. Work actively on not being affected by things outside your control. 

Sammen has their own chatline for students you can call if you feel alone and need someone to talk to, or you are struggling to deal with the changes to your everyday life.  

You can still book time with our counsellors and psychologists. At the moment we offer sessions by phone or video, an option we have received positive feedback on from those that have used it. 

The psychologists at «Assistert selvhjelp» has made a small coping tool for those of you that think life right now is more challenging than it should be (only in norwegian).