How to better organize your study sessions

Our counselors share their best advice on how to organize your study sessions while working from home.

If you make a good plan for your day, your body and mind will prepare themselves to make an effort. It gives you control and makes it easier to evaluate your own progress.

We want to help you establish good habits and use your time more effective. 

And one more thing before we start; motivation shouldn't be a precondition to work with your studies. If so, you would be running the risk of waiting a long time to feel motivated. Try to structure your day with a plan, and don't rely on feeling up for it.   

  • A study diary 
    A study diary can be an important tool for planing your days, and gives you a defined start and end to your "work day". 

  • Start small
    Start the day with a repetition of what you did yesterday. Use 15-20 minutes to refresh your memory on notes, Power Points or a certain pharagraph in a chapter. This way you'll remember this information even better, and when you read something new it will be easier to connect it with the things you've already read.  
    Your next shifts should be maximum 45 minutes before a break. It's easier to motivate yourself to a short shift. Make an accurate plan on what you're going to do. E.g. skim the first two chapters in a book. 

  • Learning goal
    A learning goal is important. You should start your day by making notes of everything you want to achieve; what you want to find out, what you want to learn and understand. This will help with your motivation and also give you a clearer view of what you want to achieve. It's a good feeling when you can look back on a week and see the specific learning goals you have completed.    

  • Evaluate your progress
    What did you manage to get done? What did you do instead? What do you really spend your time on? Remember to be curious, not judgemental. 
  • What do you need?
    Which obstacles are you facing and what do you have to change? By identifying mental barriers or other obstacles, it's easier to find solutions to help you in the future. Look for opportunities, share concerns with others, ask your friends for help, or perhaps lower your own expectations.

Good luck with your studies 😊