Sammen is partnering with two medical centres, 7 Fjell and Legene på Høyden. 7 Fjell medical center shares a facility at Danmarksplass with the Sammen dentist office. Legene på Høyden is located at Vektertorget in the city centre of Bergen. 

Both our offices specialize in student-related issues.  

If you experience symptoms of Covid-19, or are currently quarantined or in isolation, we ask that you call us ahead of time. 

International students without a Norwegian social security number. 

If you are here for a short-term stay and do not receive a Norwegian ID-number, you will not be allocated a GP, but you will still have access to medical services.

Students at UiB are encouraged to book appointments with Legene på Høyden, though you have access to appointments at both medical centres.

Students at all other schools can book appointments at both medical centres.

The doctors will book you an appointment based on the priority of your situation.

International students with a Norwegian social security number. 

If you have received a social security number, you will be allocated a GP in or near Bergen. You can change your GP to one of our medical centres if you like. If you have a GP in Bergen, you will not receive emergency appointments with our doctors.  

Read more about 7 Fjell medical center and book an appointment here.  

Read more about Legene på Høyden and book an appointment here. 

How to change your GP  

You can change your GP twice each calendar year, and this is how you do it. 

You don’t need to change your address to Bergen to have a GP here. But those that have changed their address within Norway (and reported it to the National Registry), and within three years move back to their municipality, can have their former GP back.  

Out-of-hours medical service

If you cannot get an appoint with our medical centres, or it’s outside office hours, Bergen has an Emergency Clinic at Solheimsgaten 9, as well as smaller clinics in Fana, Loddefjord and Åsane.

More information is found here (page is in Norwegian).

General information regarding out-of-hours medical service in Norway is found here.


If you visit any of Sammen’s health services, you only need a valid Student ID.

For any of the other public health services, you need to bring a valid form of ID such as driver’s license or passport. You also need to bring your EHIC-card or proof of insurance if you have either of those.

More information for students within the EU/EEA or Switzerland is found here.

More information for students outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland is found here.

Fees and prices

There is a fee for both appointment and prescribed medicine if you visit one of our medical centres.

If you use other public health services, the fee will vary depending on what documentation you provide.

The prices for health care are determined by The Norwegian Medical Association (NMA).

Sexual Health 

At Engen health clinic and Legene på Høyden you can get a check for cell abnormalities, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and receive information about contraception. Read more about the services provided here.