Sammen works with two medical centers. Both offer GP and emergency medical services to students.


7 Fjell Medical Centre

7 Fjell Medical Center is a newly opened health-care center with three experienced doctors (GPs) situated in Bergen at Danmarksplass, Solheimsgaten 23.

Appointment the same day

“Emergency treatment” will be offered to students who are not entitled to a GP and students who do not have a GP in Bergen.  Regular office hour apply. Please note that there are limited appointments available each day.

Book an appointment by phone: 57 98 87 77 or at 7 Fjell Legesenter


Legene på Høyden

 "Legene på Høyden" medical centre will as "7 Fjell Medical Center" offer GP service and emergency treatment to students who do not have their own family doctor in Bergen. The medical centre is located at Vektertorget in the city centre of Bergen. "Legene på Høyden" are currently very busy with long waitinglists. We suggest you contact "7 Fjell Medical Center", as they have just opened and will help you shortly!

The doctors at "legene på Høyden"

The three doctors, Shagun Bhatia, Nicolas Øyane and Esther Gundersen, speak Norwegian, Hindi, Urdu, English, French and German.

How to book an appointment:

Phone: 52 69 51 51

Students who have Legene på Høyden as their GP can book with SMS.

How to find the Medical Centre

«Legene på Høyden», Christies gate 13,

Web page: